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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Someone with Chronic Illness

When a friend/loved one becomes chronically ill, it may be hard to know what to get them as a gift since they most likely are unable to do some or all of the activities they used to do. To offer some help, here’s a gift guide of almost 50 gift ideas for someone with a chronic illness. Happy Holidays!

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Products to Help with Sleep/Energy/Brain Fog


  • Hey Girl Sleep Aid Tea for Bedtime – This tea helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia to help your loved one relax & get a restful night’s sleep. It includes Valerian Root Extract, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm. 
  • Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow – Weighted hot/cold aromatherapy lavender eye pillow for sleeping, migraines, pain, and stress relief. 


  • Fizz sticks – As someone who’s lived with chronic fatigue as a symptom for almost a decade, this natural energy boost has been incredible! Bonus, there’s no caffeine crash like you’d get from coffee or energy drinks. Plus, this supplement is vegan and free of gluten, soy, nuts, and artificial colors and flavors. Fizz sticks come in two flavors Pomegranate and Citrus.

Brain Fog

  • Tile Mate – Help offset brain fog forgetfulness with the Tile Mate. Attach it to a favorite item, and when it’s misplaced, the Tile Mate can help relocate it.

Self-Care Gifts

  • Pair an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser with this essential oils starter kit by Edens Garden. There’s a diffuser for every location: the home, the car, or on the go.
  • Does your special someone suffer from migraine or heat sensitivity? Check out a Koldtec wrap for some wearable cooling gear
  • Help your loved one ease stiffness and increase circulation with a massage chair pad that can be used at home, in the office or in the car. 
  • Gratitude Journal – When you live with a chronic condition that disrupts your life in every way, it can be easy to get stuck in negative mind loops and only focus on what you no longer have or what you can no longer do. Gratitude turns this thinking around and helps one see the positives that are happening in their life. For me, personally, the more I concentrate on gratitude, the more things I can see that are wonderful and amazing.

Give the Gift of Comfort

Being chronically ill, typically means you’re in bed or on the couch more than most people. What better way to show love and appreciation for your loved one than to give the gift of comfort.

Bed/Couch Accessories

I spend a lot of time resting and working on the couch. If you know someone else that does too. Maybe he/she would enjoy some bed or couch accessories:

Laptop Tables/Trays

These are great for keeping a laptop in place and keeping it cool while it’s being used. I listed a few options because everyone has different needs.

Reusable Non-Plastic Drink Containers with Lids

There are a lot of great options such as a stainless steel mugglass or stainless steel water bottles, or water bottles with straws

Couch/Bed Caddy

Help them organize their couch or bed area with a Couch Caddy and/or Bed Caddy

Pampering Packages

Give a pampering package with pure, safe, and beneficial products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free from over 2,000 ingredients.

Bath and Body Home Spa Package

Pair this dry brushing and exfoliating set by Zen Me with Arbonne’s Rescue and Renew Detox Bath Soak. Dry brushing is excellent for stimulating circulation, which is important for those of us that are mostly sedentary. Also, the Zen Me set includes face and feet exfoliating sponges and exfoliating gloves for the body. 

As a bonus, you could include a spa bath pillow and one of Arbonne’s Skin Revitalizing Facial Sheet Masks

Foot Pampering Holiday Package

This foot pampering package includes an exfoliating foot soap bar, hydrating foot balm, and fuzzy socks from Arbonne. As a bonus, pair this package with a vegan nail polish by Cirque Colors

Ultimate Pampering Beauty Sleep Package.

This ultimate pampering beauty sleep package includes Arbonne’s skin revitalizing facial sheet masks, herbal detox tea, detox bath soak, pure lavender essential oil, and a satin pillowcase. 

Extreme Energy Saving Gifts

Help save energy with any of these absolute energy-saving gifts. 

  • Subscription to Amazon Prime – This can help tremendously cut down on energy-sucking trips to stores and reduce sensory sensitivities. Plus, Whole Foods deliveries in participating areas are free for Prime members after spending $35. 
  • Vacuuming can be a very strenuous and exhausting activity when you’re sick. Free your loved one from vacuuming with a vacuuming robot like the Roomba.
  • Amazon Home – House Cleaning Services – This would be an ultimate gift for me. Cleaning the house can be very taxing on the body, and I always wish my house was cleaner. I know I can’t be alone on this one. Gift a clean house!


Finding something to do that doesn’t require a lot of energy can be challenging at times. Here are a couple of low energy activities as well as some accommodations to make other activities easier to do.


A subscription to Kindle unlimited offers unlimited books, magazines, and audiobooks on any device. 

Indoor Gardening

Bring the outdoors inside with a cactus succulent seed starter kit by Garden Republic. If sunlight is needed, grab a mini LED indoor grow light, and don’t forget to pick up some super cute pots from Greenaholics. 


Cooking and baking were some of my most significant losses when I got sick. Using an InstaPot or a KitchenAid stand mixer could help make cooking and baking more manageable and less strenuous. If fatigue is an issue, try a folding counter height stool or an adjustable medical kitchen stool to save energy when cooking or baking.

Looking for more activity gift ideas? Check out this post on low energy activities, such as arts & crafts, games, and more.

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Sara at Managing Chronic

Sara at Managing Chronic

Sara has worked in corporate America for almost 15 years, and she's worked the last eight years with FND. Her FND comes with paroxysmal dystonia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, sensory overload, muscle pain, and more. She is currently a part-time career woman, a mom and a wife.

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