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More Proof that Functional Movement Disorders are Real and NOT “All in Our Head”

You have no idea how excited I am to share this news! There’s further evidence that shows Functional Movement Disorder (FMD), a subset of Functional Neurological Disorder, is very much real. Studies have now shown FMD has a biological aspect, and there are functional and structural changes in the brain.

This means that FMD is not caused by stress like I’ve been told by almost every neurologist since getting sick. It’s also further proof that it’s not “all in our head” and we are not making these symptoms up.

As much as I wish I didn’t have this disorder, it’s nice to finally have some validation that a) the issue has been seen on an MRI and b) I do in fact know my body and I was right when I told doctors I didn’t think it was related to stress.

Here’s a link to a podcast with the lead doctor, Dr. Carine W. Maurer, discussing the new findings. Here’s the link to the latest research paper, Gray matter differences in patients with functional movement disorders.

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Sara at Managing Chronic

Sara has worked in corporate America for almost 15 years, and she's worked the last eight years with FND. Her FND comes with paroxysmal dystonia, chronic fatigue, brain fog, sensory overload, muscle pain, and more. She is currently a part-time career woman, a mom and a wife.

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  1. Hi Sara, I’m impress with all the things that you can do with your disorder. I have FND now for almost 3yrs now. The things that I used to enjoy I can’t do anymore. I’m trying to find things to do at home that makes me feel happy and enjoy life again. Its been very difficult since my FND also affect the way I walk. I was glad to find this page. I don’t feel like I’m the only person dealing with this disorder. Thanks

    1. Hi Tina, Thank you so much for your note. It has definitely been a struggle and a learning curve to learn new ways I can enjoy my life again. The first two years I was very limited in my mobility, and I had to use a cane everywhere I went. I also was pushed in a wheel chair anytime I would have to walk more than a block. It terms of improving my walking, I found working with a neuro-physical therapist to retrain my brain to be extremely helpful. I’ve also started ballroom dancing again this past year for the first time since before I got sick. I believe this has improved my walking as well. It’s funny, I can waltz perfectly fine with no symptoms at all but after I stop dancing I’ll walk with a limp. FND is so weird that way. Not sure if you know about these but there are some great FND support groups on Facebook. If you search for FND Hope or functional neurological disorder they should come up. These groups have really helped me after I was diagnosed two years ago.

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